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For so many years America has turned to the government in a time of crisis such as large storm damage, fires, flooding or even mounting homelessness. Fourteen years ago, God gave Daniel Geraci a model to train for, bring together, and then mobilize local churches in times of crisis. With this model Daniel started Austin Disaster Relief Network (ADRN).

Over the past 14 years, through collecting the information of those in need ADRN has been able to bring together both Church, Government, and other agencies to quickly identify key problems and facilitate large scale efforts to assist all aspects of people and communities in need both practically, emotionally, and spiritually.

• Emotionally
• Spiritually
• Practically

After 14 years with a proven model and helping assist 22 other cities to do the same, Daniel has launched United in Crisis going nationwide with this empowering approach and mission for God’s church. Through crisis we are given the compelling opportunity to come together and make the love of Jesus and his body mean something to those in need.

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