What is the Collektive Company in Kansas City? 

In this interview I speak with Damion Cooper who is the founder. Bringing music, gospel teaching, and a lot of energy the Collektive Company engages the upcoming generation where they are at and invites them to greater meaning and purpose with God. 

Damion was on the path of becoming a professional soccer player. He was invited to join feeder teams in Europe (A possible on ramp to more pro roles in the sport). We spoke about how God changed the trajectory of Damion’s life of serving God in soccer to scoring on a different field.

It’s hard to capture the possibilities of a ministry like Collektive Company. It reminds me of Acquire the Fire, otherwise known as Teen Mania and has the boldness of Let Us Worship with Sean Feucht. Damion with the Collektive Company is curating a culture of difference makers with an outside the box approach to engage the youth of this generation.

Expressions of Ministry

  • I AM Collective
  • Unite the Summit
  • Get Away Tours

3 Pillars

  • Influencing Next Generation
  • Empowering Community Leaders
  • Unite Local Communities 

Visit the website:

Intro and Outro Music by Jerry Abah

 0:25 A synopsis of the Collektive Company. 
4:19 Building a leadership team in the school. 
6:40 Growing Up 
9:16 How Damion met his wife and their family. 
12:25 Becoming a part of the music scene. 
15:05 How to reach out to the church? 
17:37 Moving beyond the four walls of the church. 
20:20 The I Am Collective Tour. 
23:02 Credibility through God’s favor. 

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