In this podcast Steve and I discussed the tension between God's seemingly conflicting mandates to both go and also to occupy.

We spoke about how great sending organizations such as schools and or missions ministries must have both goers and occupiers in order to fulfill their purposes.

We made some headway into answering these questions.

  • What should God's kingdom people be focused on to both solidify current territories and advance into new territories? 
  • How does our understood authority and dominion determine our next steps for God's kingdom advance?

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0:25 Introduction to today’s show.
4:03 We’re meant to occupy, send and go.
5:00 Reaching the uttermost parts of the earth!
7:41 A sending organization vs transitory community.
12:15 The culmination of the ages.
14:41 The marriage between occupying and sending.
19:47 The disconnect between Christianity and the kingdom of God.
23:37 What is the purpose of the planet? 
25:44 We own the earth.
31:07 The earth doesn't belong to God.

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Shiloh International is a prophetic voice established to boldly declare the manifestation of the Kingdom of God in our generation and articulate what a manifestation of His Kingdom looks like in the cities and nations of the earth. 

Intro and Outro Music by Jerry Abah

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