Building Bridges Ministries with Sherrie Pucket - Joy Valley Ep 7

Faith Horizons | Discovering the kingdom of God in Kansas City One Conversation at a Time (S1 E7)

Have you heard about Building Bridges Ministries?

In Kansas City this ministry is doing a lot to create a culture of healing and unity through counseling and hospitality. 

This ministry also has an online show called Born to Thrive with Sherrie and Friends. Whether through counseling individuals, serving at Family Tables, or filming their next show, Building Bridges Ministries is capturing the heart of the city.

This podcast was recorded in 2022 so some of the items we discussed in the podcast will already be in progress.  

Listening to Sherrie Pucket tell the stories of walking in faith to accomplish the big goals of the God we serve is both inspiring and motivating.


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