Brief Update | Adding Joy Valley to Faith Horizons Podcast

Faith Horizons | Discovering the kingdom of God in Kansas City One Conversation at a Time (S1 E0)

There are a few changes I wanted to make the listeners aware of. 

In 2020 I started Two Podcasts, Faith Horizons and Joy Valley. 

The purpose of the Faith Horizons podcast is to discover the kingdom of God in Kansas City one conversation at a time. Through this podcast you learn about the practical ways businesses and ministries are representing the kingdom of God in Kansas City. 

The second podcast is called Joy Valley. Its purpose is to interview those who are focused on Christian based trauma and emotional healing ministries in Kansas City.  These ministries help those who are dealing with spiritual heart issues. I interview counselors and organizations who help individuals overcome their internal struggles. A few examples of these struggles would include grief, identity, or misunderstanding of God.

After thinking about it and praying for some time, I am going to start publishing the Joy Valley podcast on both Faith Horizons and Joy Valley. To identify the different episodes, I will put Joy Valley in the titles of the podcasts that are Joy Valley. 

Joy Valley:

Faith Horizons:

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