I was invited to be interviewed by Annika Bergen on my own show! Annika had some questions that she thought others would love to have me answer as well. What  a privilege and a little intimidating to be on the other side of the microphone. 

Thank you so much Annika for taking the time for this interview. To learn more about Annika you can listen to episode #25 about the book "Spiritual Roots of Kansas City" she co-authored, or visit her website at https://www.annikabergen.com/

Here is a summary of our interview!
0:00 Nathan’s introduction 
2:42 Digging holes in the backyard ( a little from my childhood)
4:46 What inspired you to start the Faith Horizons podcast?
10:38 The beginning of Faith Horizons
13:06 The Kingdom of God in Kansas City 
18:08 Once you become a victim you no longer have control (some of my struggle) 
20:54 The enemy wants to shut down your creativity 
24:03 Find the Lies 
29:50 How the podcast can bless the listener 
32:35 How can we partner with Faith Horizons financially? 

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