Faith without Works is Dead | How risk-taking is part of Christian Living - Ep 64

Faith Horizons | Discovering the kingdom of God in Kansas City One Conversation at a Time (S1 E64)

This conversation is the first of two parts I had with Eric and Chris Chia. In this first part I talked with Eric.  

The term "faith without works is dead" can be found in James 2:17. I have heard this over and over again so often that it starts to lose it's wake up value! 

In my interview with Eric Chia we spoke a lot about taking risk, another way of stating the scripture in James could be (faith without risk is dead).  

In our conversation we talked about the risk of following God, the opportunity and need for the church to participate in business and new innovations such as Web 3.0, block chain, and bitcoin wallets. This conversation got up close and personal!  
As the body of Christ, we have the choice to participate or not participate in new technology. I personally believe there are patent-worthy ideas in the store houses of heaven and God is looking for the right people to be the stewards of these patents. 

How is God leading you to make faith investments in your life today?

Eric and his son Chris Chia are part of a group called Tech for Causes
and the KC Crypto Network with the Sending Project.

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