How a Marketplace Craftsman was First to be filled with God's Spirit in the Bible - Ep 59

Faith Horizons | Discovering the kingdom of God in Kansas City One Conversation at a Time (S1 E59)

Interview with Scott Stanger over November 2022 God's Relay Race - Kansas City Business Prayer Group

Here is what is in this podcast

  • Just as big ships are turned by small rudders the narrative of our cities and nations can be changed by a small few. 
  • God’s Relay Race (a local Kansas City business prayer group) is passing the baton of Godly business both spiritually and practically to this generation’s leaders. 
  • Did you know that the first spirit-filled person in the bible was a blue-collar craftsman? 

God's Relay Race is a workplace prayer gathering that meets on the second Saturday every month at the Plexpod in Wesport from 8:00am - 10:00am
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