Learn about the Healing House in Kansas City from founder Bobbi Jo Reed. With room for up to 200 individuals at a time the Healing House provides transitional living for those it serves. 

Whether you have been long struggling from addiction, abuse or are just getting back on your feet after incarceration, the Healing House provides opportunity to rebuild your life. 

The Healing House started in 2002 off of Saint John Ave in a single house for 10 women. Since then, it has served over 10,000 individuals with an astounding 76% success rate. 

Its ministry base has become a city block campus with storefronts, restoration centers, admin buildings, and a community gym. To provide housing for its participants it has bought apartment buildings and 14 houses in once crime ridden neighborhoods. 
Enough cannot be said about the incredible effects the Healing House has had on its neighborhood. Crime rates are down, the housing prices are way up and businesses are moving in. Wow!



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