This March's God’s Relay Race had some unexpected surprises. Also, during the recording of this episode one of my microphones broke so we MacGyvered a solution and kept going.

Normally these podcasts are limited to 10 minutes, however I let this one go a little long to capture some of the experiences from this God’s Relay Race. Have no fear God came through just like He always does.

Whether its traffic jams, nine-degree weather or broken microphones, the many streams of God’s people and purpose will come together to make Him glad. Listen and learn more about the wave of God’s restoration happening right now!

God's Relay Race is a workplace prayer gathering that meets on the second Saturday every month at the Plexpod in Wesport.

You're invited!

The Second Saturday of every month  from 8-10am at the Westport Plexpod. 

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You're invited to pray with other business leaders!
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