Genesis Story of God's Relay Race with Scott Stanger - Ep 27

Faith Horizons | Discovering the kingdom of God in Kansas City One Conversation at a Time (S1 E27)

I first started attending God's Relay Race, which is a city wide marketplace prayer gathering in 2020, hosted on the second Saturday of every month at the Westport Plexpod. I really cannot say enough about the character of the leadership and the quality of people this prayer gathering brings together. It's more than just a prayer gathering. It's a Kingdom business fellowship.

We come together starting out with some songs and opening prayers welcoming the Holy Spirit. Through this process we have prayed for people and businesses encouraging one another and decreed blessings over Kansas City, stirring up Kingdom business understanding responsibility in action from those that attend including myself.

In this episode, I decided to do a replay of an earlier audio recording, trim down to highlight just the Genesis story of this incredible gathering of God's business people in Kansas City. Here is the Genesis story of this business prayer gathering with Scott Stanger.

God's Relay Race is a workplace prayer gathering that meets on the second Saturday every month at the Plexpod in Wesport.

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The Second Saturday of every month  from 8-10am at the Westport Plexpod.

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