Kansas City's Redemptive Gifts with author Neil Brown - Ep 12

Faith Horizons | Discovering the kingdom of God in Kansas City One Conversation at a Time (S1 E12)

Intro: You’re in for a treat, today with us we have guest Neil Brown the recent author of Kansas City’s Redemptive Gifts: Our Destiny Revealed Through History. In this podcast you will learn about Neil’s journey as an intercessor for Kansas City which lead him to writing this book. Also we will unpack some of Kansas City's redemptive gifts.
 My hope is that this conversation will open the listeners mind to new ways of understanding spiritual warfare over Kansas City. Just as with people, God has a purpose and a plan for cities. And also, as with people, Satan steps in to twist their purposes and plans away from God's original intent. Kansas City truly has redemptive gifts and these gifts are there to stay- they are irrevocable.

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