Genesis 1:1 is a growing art community focused around helping artist create art through the Creator of creation. 

Julia Otterness is the founder of Genesis 1:1. In the conversation I had with Julia and Bill Otterness you will learn about some of the events Genesis 1:1 has hosted and others they are currently hosting in Kansas City.

Julia also spoke about how art speaks for the artist, paintings communicate the heart of the artist to the viewer. Get greater understanding of how to use the imagination God gave you to express your relationship with God through the creation of art and overcome what’s holding you back.

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Please visit there website at www.genesis1-1art.org.

Genesis 1:1 is very active on Facebook as well.  Genesis 1-1 Facebook

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Julia and Bill are both missionaries in Kansas City. Help them continue to advance the Kingdom of God in our city by supporting them at https://otternessmissions.org/give

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