Meet Kristin Herman

Financial Sector 
Kristin Hermann is a professional in Kansas City and has been working in the financial sector for 14 years. Don’t miss the chance to get an insider’s perspective on what’s valuable in life… spoiler alert (it’s not always money.) 

Learn about Kristin’s journey, going from a desire to serve God on the usual mission field to a different mission field entirely. 

Wholehearted Wealth
Kristin, who combined her professional and personal experiences, created the term Wholehearted Wealth. Through the podcast, we talk about this concept that involves much more than just money. 

One of the best analogies brought up in the podcast was the 4 elements of a tree and how they relate to all our lives journeys. 

4 Elements of the tree!

  • Roots
  • Identify
  • Perspective
  • Expansion 

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