An Innovative Sustainable Solution for Church Planting - Jean Benesh S4 EP #130

Unconventional Ministry (S1 E131)

In this episode, learn why most church planting efforts in America fail when the funding stops. Sean Benesh, Founder and CEO of Intrepid Missions, suggests we may need to throw out many of the present “rules” in the church planting ministry. Listen to the episode to learn Sean’s two threads of reasoning as to why a change is needed with American church planting models. Is it time in America to plant churches, make disciples, launch businesses, and jump into economic development endeavors in America with a missionary and entrepreneurial mindset like you would if you were a missionary and entrepreneur in an international location?

Sean has been involved in church planting for nearly 20 years. He is a church planting strategist, author, and professor. He’s written over 20 books related to church planting, cities, and social enterprises. He teaches at Warner Pacific University and is the Program Lead for the Digital Media and Communications program.

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