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Business in the Bible! 
During our prayer meeting in September, one topic that came up was the significance of the marketplace or the workplace in the Bible. Scott mentioned that during one of his spiritual retreats, he sought clarity on whether there was legitimacy in a calling in the marketplace. He was led to various passages in the Bible, including Exodus, where Moses commissioned Bezalel to fabricate items for the tabernacle. This was the first recorded instance in Scripture of a person being filled with the Holy Spirit, and it highlighted the importance of craftsmanship and work.

Scott also delved into the Hebrew word "avodah," which is used interchangeably in the Old Testament for work, worship, and service. This reveals that our work can be an act of worship unto the Lord. Worship isn't limited to church services; it extends to our daily vocations, whether we're craftsmen, accountants, salespeople, leaders, marketers, or any other profession. All of these can be done unto the Lord as an act of worship.

Scott then shared other key references from the New Testament, such as Jesus' first recorded words about being about His Father's business and the story of Stephen, the first martyr, who was appointed over a business-related task. These examples validate the legitimacy of a calling in the workplace.

Business Insights:
Another important topic discussed during our prayer meeting was the concept of rest. Scott mentioned a book by Andy Mason titled "God with You at Work," which emphasized the performance of rest. The idea is to cease from striving and selfish ambition, entering God's rest even while working. This type of rest leads to increased creativity, reduced conflict, and less anxiety.

10 Day Retreat:
Scott also touched upon his recent 10-day spiritual retreat. He shared that the first revelation was about returning to our first love, based on Revelation 2:4. The Church of Ephesus had done many good things, but had lost its first love for Christ. This highlights the importance of maintaining intimacy with Jesus as a hallmark of our faith.

Additionally, Scott discussed the concept of the "fifth column" that he learned about during his retreat. In history, a fifth column referred to infiltrators sympathetic to a cause who were inside a city or organization. Scott related this to the church, suggesting that we should be mindful of what has infiltrated the church, especially in turbulent times. God will start cleaning up His house before addressing external issues.

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