Megan’s “Learning to Unhurry My Heart” God Story

Altered Stories Show (S2 E118)

In this Episode, I feature special guest, Megan Evans.  Megan is an author, blogger, has a heart for discipleship and lives with her family in the middle of Tennessee, where she serves as the Women’s Ministry Director at her church. In our authentic conversation, she shares her transformational God story of how God opened her eyes to see how her busy lifestyle was unhealthy and was steering her away from her relationship with HIM.  She also shares how God showed up and changed her heart, and started teaching and encouraging her as she began putting HIM first in her busy days. In closing, she shares encouraging and ministering words to women who are fighting exhaustion and distraction due to their busy lifestyles.  She also talks about her new book: Permission to Walk: A 40 Day Journey to Unhurried Peace. 

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