KJOL FM Radio - Grand Junction, Colorado


Providing your favorite Christian music, Bible teaching programs, kid's programs, and information from a Christian perspective. KJOL is a local not-for-profit radio station dedicated to equipping believers to impact others through an effective Christian witness and to present the life-changing message of Jesus Christ to those that tune our way.

KLOL FM and related logo(s), content and all other intellectual property contained there(in) are not owned by Eternity Ready. KJOL Radio is our Sister Station that is endorsed by and part of the Eternity Ready Radio Network. 

 Visit KJOL @ https://www.kjol.org Donate @ https://4agc.com/donation_pages/ba1af8ee-994e-4357-b614-9f18a0122635


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  • Sarah Kelly

    Thank you KJOL. I come to Eternity Ready to watch christian television, listen to podcasts, watch christian shows, listen to music. However I always wanted to listen to christian radio on here. Now that ER is posting radio stations. I can listen. This is my first time hearing KOL. I love the music and programs. Now I have an actual station outside of my own home town in Texas to listen to online. God bless you. I will try visit your site KJOL from the links above in the description and donate.

  • Anonymous

    This station rocks! I love colorado and visit their every summer. Now I have a station that will help me during my times of darkness to lift my spirits.