Trytan - Blood of Kings (Jim Laverde, Eric Gillette)


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TRYTAN - BLOOD OF KINGS + Trading Card (*NEW-CD, 2021, Retroactive Records)

For fans of Rush styled prog metal with HOOKS!

Features Jim Laverde on bass (Barren Cross)
Features John Elefante (formerly of Kansas/Mastedon) guest vocals on "The Revelation"
Features Rey Parra (Deny the Fallen/Sacred Warrior) guest vocals on "The Revelation"
Features Eric Gillette on drums - he is lead guitarist, vocalist, and keyboardist for the Neal Morse Band + others
80 minutes of the best music your ears can possibly hear!
16 page booklet / jewel case

1. The Descender
2. A Million Hearts
3. Blood of Kings
4. Monsters
5. Last Night in Dubai
6. Ricochet
7. Centrifuge
8. Shadow Racer
9. Yesterday
10. The God Storm
11. Revelation Song

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