Celebrating Milestones and Shifting Landscapes with Dr. Greg Carlson S5 EP#165

Unconventional Ministry (S1 E165)

In this episode, we delve into how unwavering faith can navigate the complexities of a rapidly evolving world. Dr. Greg Carlson shares insights on how Christian higher education is adapting to seismic cultural shifts while holding onto timeless principles. With his wife, Donna, celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, Dr. Carlson discusses their commitment to lifelong learning and service, highlighting their support for Lifeline Global's mission to transform the lives of mothers and fathers within the prison system and Walk Thru The Bible's efforts to rekindle a global passion for Scripture. Join us for a thought-provoking conversation exploring the balance between tradition and transformation in enduring faith.

In celebration of Dr. Carlson and his wife Donna's 50 years of marriage, they are asking their friends and connections to celebrate with them by giving a gift to one or both of the two ministries they are passionate about:

  • Lifeline Global (www.lifelineglobal.org) works to restore and equip incarcerated men and women to become godly parents so that the generational cycle of incarceration can be broken.
  • Walk Thru The Bible (www.walkthru.org) exists to ignite passion for God’s Word around the world through high-quality biblical resources and transformational live events.
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